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Media Reports

Our research has been highlighted in media by Science Daily, Science Translational Medicine, MedGadget, The Engineer, Xinhua, Yahoo News, The Conversation, Inverse, Big News Network, CNET, Inside Science, Nature Electronics, Fast Company, Forbes, MSN, BBC, CGTV, The Independent, Scientific American, American Cancer Society, The Guardian, New Scientist, The Daily Beast, Business Insider, Tech Briefs, Physics Today, The Hindu etc.


Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year 2023, Falling Walls, Aug 2023.

Continuous sweat monitoring on the go, Nature Electronics, Aug 2023. 

Perovskite Cells Meet Wearable Biosensor’s Power Demands,, Jul 2023. 

New Wearable Sensor Sets Record for Solar Power Efficiency, Caltech News, Jul 2023. 

Wearable noninvasive sensor monitors sweat for signs of inflammation, New Atlas, Jun 2023.

Wearable Sweat Sensor Detects Molecular Hallmark of Inflammation, Caltech News, Jun 2023. 

Electric Bandages Heal Wounds That Won’t Close, Animal Study Shows, Scientific American, Jun 2023.

These researchers developed skin for robots, allowing them to feel things, Wired, Jun 2023. 

Explained | A new ‘smart bandage’ raises the bar for treating chronic wounds, The Hindu, Jun 2023. 

Inventing a “Smart” Bandage for Chronic Wounds, CEP (AICHE), May 2023. 

A smart bandage, Physics Today, May 2023.

5Ws of a Smart Bandage, Tech Briefs, May 2023. 

Diabetes: a smart dressing to treat and heal chronic wounds, Le Monde, Apr 2023. 

Smart Bandage Aims to Facilitate Recovery, Tech Briefs, Apr 2023.

Smart bandages can monitor wounds, aid healing, researchers say, UPI, Mar 2023. 

Smart bandages with biosensors to help heal chronic diabetic wounds, Business Insider, Mar 2023.

This Smart Bandage Zaps Your Wounds to Heal Them Faster, The Daily Beast, Mar 2023. 

Electronic wound dressing releases drugs to help injuries heal, New Scientist, Mar 2023.

‘Smart bandage’ with biosensors could help chronic wounds heal, study claims, The Guardian, Mar 2023.

‘Smart' Bandages Monitor Wounds and Provide Targeted Treatment, Caltech News, Mar 2023. 

Like On-the-Skin Labs, Sweat Sensors Assess Biomarkers, American Cancer Society, Feb 2023.


New Wearable Sensor Detects Even More Compounds in Human Sweat, Caltech News, Aug 2022.

How Caltech Scientists Shifted Gears to Fight COVID-19, Caltech Magazine, Aug 2022. 

Electronic Skin Lets Humans Feel What Robots Do—And Vice Versa, Scientific American, Jun 2022.

Robots gain sense of touch with new artificial skin, The Independent,  Jun 2022. 

This Strange New Electronic Skin Can Let Robots Sniff Out Explosives and COVID, Daily Beast, Yahoo News, MSN, Jun 2022.

Artificial Skin Gives Robots Sense of Touch and Beyond, Caltech News, Jun 2022


Caltech Research Group to Unveil Miniature Wearable and Handheld Sensors For At-Home Health Monitoring, Pasadena Now, Oct 2021


U.S. university develops COVID-19 testing kit using sensors, CGTV, Oct 2020.

Coronavirus test results may come from home and within minutes, BBC, Nov 2020. 

The 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week, GE, Oct 2020.

​Quick test: 5-cent sensor should be able to detect coronavirus in 10 minutes, MSN, Oct 2020. 

​New Device Powers Wearable Sensors Through Human Motion, Caltech News, Oct 2020. 

This sensor diagnoses contagion of COVID-19 at home and in less than 10 minutes, Forbes, Oct 2020.

RapidPlex aims for swift home COVID-19 tests, The Engineer, Oct 2020. 

A 5-cent sensor could detect the coronavirus in 10 minutes at home, Fast Company, Oct 2020. 

Caltech Researcher Unveils Sensor that Rapidly Detects COVID-19 Infection Status, Severity, and Immunity, Caltech News, Oct 2020. 

Caltech’s Sweat-Powered E-Skin Could be Used to Power Future Robotics, Yahoo News, Jun 2020.

Biomedical device for health monitoring is powered by sweat, Materials World Magazine (IOM3), Jun 2020. 

Future Vaccines, Wearable Bio-sensors, Tissue Engineering and Aerospace Navigation: Meet the 2020 Cohort of Young Scientists, World Economic Forum, May 2020. See Class of 2020 Brochure.

Electronic skins sweat it out, Research Highlight, Nature Electronics, 2020, 3, 235.

Global Air Pollution Drop, Electronic Skin and Brain Machines, Inside Science, Apr 2020.

Human sweat-powered e-skin points to future robotics, The Engineer, Apr 2020. 

Your sweat powers this wearable, CNET, Apr 2020. 

Researchers develop electronic skin that can monitor your health, Big News Network, Apr 2020.

Your next fitness wearable could be sweat-poweredInverse, Apr 2020.

A smart second skin gets all the power it needs from sweat, The Conversation, Apr 2020. 

A smart second skin gets all the power it needs from sweat, Yahoo News, Apr 2020. 

Electronic Skin Fully Powered by Sweat Can Monitor Health, Serve as Human-Machine Interface, Caltech News, Apr 2020. 

The Science of Sweat, Caltech Magazine, Apr 2020. Also appeared on the Back Cover.

Calculating the Unknown: Nanoscience Highlights, The Kavli Foundation, Apr 2020.

Watch how a sweat sensor monitors stress levels, Engineering360 (IEEE GlobalSpec), Mar 2020.


Researchers develop sensor to detect stress from perspiration, Yahoo News, Mar 2020.

This is Why Graphene Stress Sensors Could Be Used to Test Astronaut Anxiety Levels, Azo Sensors, Mar 2020.

U.S. scientist develops sweat sensor to detect stress levels, Xinhua, Feb 2020. 

Graphene stress monitor could help NASA find right stuff, The Engineer, Feb 2020. 

Sweat Sensor Detects Stress Levels; May Find Use in Space Exploration, Caltech News, Feb 2020.

​Noninvasive Cortisol Detector to Monitor Stress, Mental Conditions, MedGadget, Feb 2020. 

Sweat Sensor Detects Stress Levels; May Find Use in Space Exploration, Science Daily, Feb 2020.

Can a simple sweat sensor replace blood tests? Physics World (IOP), Jan 2020. 


Mass-producing wearable sensors: No sweat, Science Translational Medicine, Dec 2019. 

Wearable Sweat Sensor Detects Gout-Causing Compounds, Caltech News, Nov 2019.

U.S. researchers develop wearable sweat sensor, Xinhua, Nov 2019.

Wearable Sweat Sensor Detects Gout-Causing Compounds, Science Daily, Nov 2019.

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