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1. Wearable Sweat Sensors

Developing novel wearable biosensors and platforms for real-time detection of biomarkers in sweat, enabling personalized healthcare monitoring

We focus on the development of cutting-edge wearable sweat sensors for personalized healthcare. By combining novel biosensors with wearable electronic systems, we aim to revolutionize healthcare monitoring. These integrated systems have the capability to continuously and multimodally detect a wide range of biomarkers in sweat, providing real-time insights into an individual's health status. This technology holds great potential for early disease detection, performance optimization, and overall well-being. Through our research, we strive to advance the field of personalized healthcare and empower individuals to take control of their health.

These works have been highlighted in Science Daily, Xinhua, Caltech News, Science Translational Medicine, Physics World, American Cancer Society etc.

I. Laser-engraved graphene (LEG) sensors for sensitive detection of uric acid and tyrosine

Laser-enabled flexible lab-on-the-skin for non-invasive metabolic and nutritional management (Nature Biotechnology 2020, 38, 217-224)

II. MIP sensors for universal detection of a wide array of amino acids and vitamins

A wearable autonomous MIP biosensor for the monitoring of metabolites and nutrients (Nature Biomedical Engineering 2022, 6, 1225–1235).

III. LEG-based immunosensors for sensitive detection of c-reactive protein

Wearable biosensor for wireless monitoring of systemic inflammation (Nature Biomedical Engineering 2023, 10.1038/s41551-023-01059-5)

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