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2. Energy Harvesters

Developing sustainable power systems for that harvest energy from our body and the environment to power bioelectronic devices, reducing reliance on lithium batteries

We are dedicated to finding sustainable alternatives to power bioelectronic devices. Our multidisciplinary approach involves the integration of diverse energy harvesting technologies, including solar cells, biofuel cells, and triboelectric nanogenerators. By harnessing the power of renewable energy sources, we aim to overcome the limitations of traditional lithium batteries and enable self-powered wearable devices. Through our work, we seek to create a greener and more efficient future for bioelectronic devices, reducing environmental impact and enhancing user convenience.

These works have been highlighted in Nature Electronics, Caltech News, The Conservation, Yahoo News, The Engineer, CNET, Inside Science, SF Gate, etc.

I. Harvesting energy from human motion

Wireless battery-free wearable sweat sensor powered by human motion  (Science Advances 2020, 6, eaay9842)

II. Harvesting energy from human sweat

Wireless battery-free e-skin powered by human sweat (Science Robotics 2020, 5, eaaz7946)

III. Harvesting energy from ambient light

Wireless battery-free wearable device powered by ambient light (Nature Electronics 2023, 6, 630-641)

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